Wake me up when September.....

Begins!  We're here, and it's already September. It's hard to believe that this summer season has gone by so quickly.  We sincerely want to that all of the wonderful venues across the state that have made this our busiest year ever! 

We still have 6 shows remaining in September (as of this writing) before Jerry takes his vacation. Between April 1st and mid September we've had almost 60 live shows!   

As we roll towards the fall and winter, we will be slowing down our live bookings and putting some focus on writing and recording the new album.   We'll still have scattered dates, and will be streaming live on SessionsLive.com

We finally had some professional photos done this past month.  Vertrell (TrellsEye Photography) does some amazing work and we highly recommend checking him out via his Facebook page. 

Stay safe everyone and thank you again for making this such a great year...and it's not over yet!